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Enhance your home or office with art pieces depicting the majesty of the sea. Each is created on the potter’s wheel and hand carved with airbrushed multiple glazes.
17. Reef Vessel – 10”x 7”x 7”, porcelain
18. Sea Shell Covered pot – 11”x 6”x6”, porcelain, handmade paper
19. Sea Anemone Vase – 9”x 7”x5”, porcelain
20. Reef Bowl –5”x9”x9”, porcelain
21. Sea Urchin Vessel – 13”x9”x9”, limited edition, porcelain
22. Wave Vase – 9”x4”x3” or 14”x7”x6”, porcelain, dyed reeds
23. Sea Bubbles Bowl –4”x9”x9” or 5”x12”x12”, porcelain
24. Sea Bubbles Teapot -14”x6”x5”, porcelain, dyed and natural reeds
25. Sea Bubbles Vase - 8”x5”x5” or 10”x6”x6”, porcelain



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