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26. Nature’s Vase – 7”x4”x4” or 10”x 8”x8”, stoneware, dyed reeds, sea grasses
27. Wall plate – 8”x8”x .5”, stoneware, dyed reeds, natural vines
28. Aztec Covered Vessel – 16”x7”x5”, stoneware, handmade paper, dyed reeds, silver leaf
29. Purple Passion Teapot – 14”x6”x5”, stoneware, dyed reeds
30. Wish Vase and Bowl – 7”x3”x3” and 3”x8”x8”, stoneware, dyed reeds
31. Vase Wrapped in Reeds – 10”x4”, stoneware, dyed reeds
32. Wall Plate – 13”x13”x2”, stoneware, handmade paper, dyed reeds
33. Susan in Wonderland Teapot – 14”x6”x5”, stoneware, dyed reeds
34. Bowl Wrapped in Reeds –5”x11”x11”, stoneware
35. Berry Bowl Set includes matching plate -4”x8”x8” bowl, .5”x8”x8” plate, stoneware, published design, “The Washington Post,” Best Buys Section
36. Bowl –5”x11”x11”, stoneware, handmade paper, dyed reeds
37. Vase – 11”x 6”x6”, stoneware, woven leather
38. Serving Bowl –6”x15”x11”, stoneware, dyed reed handles
39. Bamboo Bowl –5”x11”x11”, stoneware, bamboo, dyed reeds


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