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All dinnerware-- plates, bowls and mugs-- are lead free, food-safe and microwave and oven durable. Fine pottery should be room temperature before exposing to heat, avoiding drastic temperature changes. The pottery is not suitable for range top. Your meals will be more delicious on this handcrafted pottery!

49. Leaf Teapot – 10”x4”x4”, stoneware, hand carved, crystalline glazes, may be ordered with small teacups (not shown) 2”x2”x2”

50. Mugs – 4”x3.5x2.5, (8-10oz) hand carved with suns & moons, or circle of friends faces, or leaves; Bowl – 3”x5”x5”, hand carved, crystalline glazed, available in 7”, 11”, and 15” diameter sizes

51. Bowl – 5”x11”x11”, stoneware, hand carved, crystalline glazes

52. Teapot – 10”x4”x4”, stoneware, hand carved faces, crystalline glazes, may be ordered with small tea cups, 2”x2”x2” (not shown)

53. Hip to be Square dinner plates-.5”x8”x8” or 1”x10-11”x10-11”, hand carved shown with carved mugs

54. Soup/Cereal Bowls –3”x7”x7”, hand carved, crystalline glazes (larger sizes also available)

55. Bamboo Trays – .5”x3”x8” or .5”x6.5”x13.5”, hand caved, crystalline glazes, bamboo, natural reeds



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